Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gift Guide: For The Fellas

Gift Guide: For The Fellas | Top Men's Christmas Gifts | Bubbles and Gold
Hubby Tee // This tee looks like it would make for an awesome snuggle partner. What husband doesn't want to be reminded what their role is in marriage? And how much they are loved, of course.

Bespoke Subscription // I've seen this subscription box floating around, and can I just say this is the neatest thing ever! The have several different options specifically designed for men, and you can even skip a month or two. Brilliant.

Meat Book // The title speaks for itself. Your man will love it.
Shaving Bag // When we travel, my husband always puts his randomness in my cosmetics bag. If your fella doesn't have his own bag, this is the ticket.
Moccasins // I'm not sure if these moccs are made specifically for inside or out, but I think this would make a perfect slipper.  
IPA Glass // This is perfect for all those craft beer lovers in your life. Personally, I don't understand the mechanisms behind a "beer glass" but apparently it makes all the difference for IPA drinkers. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Tree Farm-ing

Toddler at Christmas Tree Farm | Bubbles and Gold

We went to the Christmas Tree Farm this weekend to scour the rows and rows and rows of Christmas trees for the perfect one. Neither my husband or I had ever been to a Christmas tree farm, and it is hands down the best family tradition to start. All of the trees were perfectly manicured and look edstraight out of a storybook. As a bonus, they had a hayride, bounce house, BBQ, a train and a few farm animals. 

Before we took the hayride deep into the farm, Anabelle wanted to hop on the bounce house. With mommy. Not allowed, they said. So, we hopped on the hayride, and off we went. Anabelle absolutely loved getting pulled by a tractor! She loves farm equipment and trains. It must be that Texas blood in her ;)

Toddler at Christmas Tree Farm | Bubbles and Gold

Always with a snack. And juice. Juice is her new jam. 

Toddler at Christmas Tree Farm | Bubbles and Gold

Toddler at Christmas Tree Farm | Bubbles and Gold.

You see that sad, dead spot on the tree? It's faced towards the wall. The tree itself is absolutely gorgeous and fluffy. I love it. It's sitting in the middle of our living room waiting to be decorate. Tonight, I promise. We had a few, okay a lot, of technical difficulties trying to get it to stand up straight. User error, I bet.

Toddler at Christmas Tree Farm | Bubbles and Gold

Toddler at Christmas Tree Farm | Bubbles and Gold

Leather Jacket // Cardigan // Jeans // Puffer Jacket // Leggings (sold out) // Moccs 

Before we left, Anabelle wanted one more shot at the bounce house. She totally understood she I couldn't go in with her (even though my husband didn't fail to mention I'm child size, anyway) and she did it!

Toddler in bounce house | Bubbles and Gold

Bounce house win.

We also went to visit Santa, but after a meltdown and a protest, they didn't become fast friends. Oh, don't you worry my dearest, we will attempt the Santa picture another weekend. And it will be glorious.

Cheers to Monday. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Gift Guide: For The Ladies

Gift Guide: For the Ladies | Bubbles and Gold

I'm not going to lie, putting this gift list together was way too much fun. I may or may have not added this entire line up to my Christmas list. Everything is relatively inexpensive for that special gal in your life. I always have a hard time picking out gifts for women. I seem to second guess if they would like it or not, but these are all things that we can use or we would really love to have!

Swan Trinket Dish // I seem to always put my wedding ring everywhere it doesn't belong, and this is the perfect gift for ladies like me. Plus it's beautiful to look at, and it looks like these swans would be lovely company for my jewelry :)

Soap // This hand made soap is from an Etsy shop I ran across. Hand made soaps are so gorgeous, and this would make a great statement piece in your bathroom.

Reversible Tote // As much junk as I have in my purse, it doesn't hurt to have another to lug all the junk my toddler leaves with me. I'm pretty sure I can start a survival kit with whatever is in there. This tote is reversible so you can switch up without buying another!

Floral Mouse Pad // This mouse pad is so sweet! It would make me smile while beating a deadline.

Arrow Head Necklace // This shop has such gorgeous items, but this was my favorite. It's a little edgy but beautifully made.

Candle // Light it up, take a bath and relax. Candles are a perfect gift for any woman. 

Body Butter // Organic to beat dry skin. With a name like Skin Food, how could you not?!

Happy Friday everyone! We're headed to see Santa tomorrow and to chop down our own Christmas tree like Paul Bunyan. It's going to be epic. 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Anabelle's Christmas List + Toddler Gift Ideas

Toddler Gift Ideas | Bubbles and Gold

Last year, Anabelle was 10 months old during the holidays, and she was more concerned about the light and ornaments on the tree than anything else. I've been talking about Christmas non-stop post Thanksgiving gut and she's pretty excited to look at all the "twees" and decorations that are everywhere. It was so fun shopping for Anabelle's Christmas List with items I knew she would adore!

Wooden Play Camera // This was the first item on my list, since Anabelle loves taking pictures and saying "cheese." Bonus, it's a small business on Etsy and it's so beautifully made! Now she can chase after us all trying to capture a moment. Checkmate. 

Tea Set // When I saw this tea set, I immediately fell in love. It's such a sweet item, made out of tin so a certain you-know-who won't shatter the pieces all over the floor. 

Apron // This one is no longer available, but their other options like this and this are so adorable! Anabelle loves cooking in the kitchen with me, and I know she would love dressing up to play the part. As often as I am in the kitchen, I don't wear an apron, but I have feeling that's going to change.

Crayons // Stackable crayons that fit on toddler fingers? Yes, please. I bet these would be easier to find when they magically disappear under mommy's bed.

Cat pillow // Anabelle is going to transition to a big girl bed very soon and I thought this pillow would make it fun. She adores our three cats (yes, we are those people) and I love that it's hand made from a talented artist. Is it just me, or are hand made items so much sweeter?

Book // A kid can never have too many books. Plus, I've been wanting to read this book forever. Win-win.

We're also going to have a few stocking stuffers and start Christmas traditions to make this year even brighter. I'd love to hear what's on your kid's wish list!

Happy Friday Eve!


Monday, December 1, 2014

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar + Free Printable

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar | Bubbles and Gold

 Happy December! I can finally allow myself to start thinking about Christmas. I just can't focus on gifting and decorating until Thanksgiving is over. I.just.can't.

How was your holiday? We laid low, since Anabelle wasn't feeling so well after Thanksgiving. The highlight (lowlight?) of our weekend was our trip to Target turned merchandise tragic. My sweet toddler was sitting in the cart eating raspberries and chattering up a storm about Christmas decorations, I bet. 

Bubbles and Gold

No less than three minutes after taking this picture to send to daddy, she broke a snow globe with a precious bunny rabbit inside jumping up and down in the cart. After I told her repeatedly to sit on her bottom. Luckily, she didn't get hurt, but that sweet bunny rabbit globe is gone forever. And it was the last one. I cried a little on the inside.

After I took her out of the cart, I grabbed our stuff, and tried to find an associate to tell. I think I was a little frazzled, because I couldn't find anyone to help me, so I made Anabelle walk all the way to the phone kiosk (she hates walking when we're in public). I pick up the phone kiosk and it's dead. What? When does that ever happen in Target!? After we paid for the one item we managed to salvage, I told her how dangerous it is to be jumping around in the cart! She forgot about it within seconds. I didn't though. I continue to mourn the death of that snow globe...
Anyway, I couldn't wait to share this DIY Christmas Advent Calendar with you guys! I was longing to create a calendar last year, but she was so young that I didn't think it would be too much fun, but this year, oh boy! I'm so excited!!

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Supplies | Bubbles and Gold


-Plywood. I used a piece that measured 48 x 24 and painted a few coats of flat white paint on it.
-Envelopes (3.5 x 3.5)
-Green and white twine
-Embellishments (optional - not pictured)

I sketched out my tree using the twine and washi tape. It was easier to envision exactly what I wanted that way. 

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar | Bubbles and Gold

After the outline was complete, I hammer the nails directly through the washi tape. As a safety side note, I recommend putting electrical tape on the back of any exposed nails, in case your kiddo (or animals) decide to explore what's behind the Christmas tree. Remove and discard all washi tape.
Wrap the twine tightly around each nail, and loop it twice all the way around until you reach the beginning of the nail. Tie the pieces together and cut off any excess string. Complete the process until you've wrapped each nail into the shape of a tree. 

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar | Bubbles and Gold

Print your advent activities on coordinating cards or plain paper and put inside each of the envelopes. Stick each envelope in between the strings and put tape on the back of any envelopes for extra support. I used this tutorial to print the numbers directly on the envelopes. If you prefer simple, black numbers, here's a link to a free printable of the simple black numbers I used.  

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar | Bubbles and Gold

I added a few Christmas ornaments I had on hand and I cut out a star from gold poster board to stick at the top. Isn't it so lovely in her playroom?
DIY Christmas Advent Calendar | Bubbles and Gold

Here's a list of our advent calendar activities for toddlers:

1. Watch Elf also known as the best Christmas movie ever.
2. Sing Christmas carols.
3. Pick out a Christmas book at the bookstore. 
4. Find a toy to donate for the toy drive.
6. Decorate the house and playroom.
7. Help daddy put up Christmas lights.
8. Pick out a Christmas tree.
9. Make Christmas crowns.
10. Make a washi tape Christmas tree.
11. Perform a random act of kindness.
12. Create a card to send to grandma.
13. Donate blankets to the homeless.
14. Take pictures with Santa.
15. Go on a Christmas candy cane hunt.
16. Decorate our cousin's gifts.
17. Bring breakfast to daddy.
18. Make our teacher's gifts. 
20. Check out Christmas lights in our festive pjs.
21. Donate supplies to an animal shelter.
22. Make Christmas cookies for Santa.
23. Make Christmas-inspired breakfast. 
24. Attend Christmas church service. 
25. Make a birthday card for Jesus. We sang an early birthday song for Him yesterday and Anabelle loved it! 

Have a wonderful Monday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

21 Month Old Anabelle

This kiddo is the spunkiest toddler around. She is so full of life and energy, and I can't imagine her any other way. She is quick to give you her opinion and she doesn't hesitate to let you know when (or anyone else, for that matter) has entered her bubble of personal space. 

Everywhere we go, she gets so many stares, smiles and comments about how adorable she is. She's quick to smile and wave at strangers, because she loves to be the charming entertainment. The other day she whispered gibberish in my ear and started cracking up. I couldn't help but laugh with her, as she grabbed my face in her hands and gave me a kiss.  

She has developed a true passion for baby dolls and stuffed animals. She holds them in her arms, rocks them to sleep, feeds them and shushes them when they are upset. This early in the game, it's apparent that she has a sweet and loving soul. 

As much as she loves those babies, she's a bit of a tomboy at heart. She refuses to let me put headbands or bows in her head. She runs away from me whenever I try. Luckily, she's learned to rock that top knot better anyway. She loves any and all balls. She's quick to spot them when we are out and about, and has an incredible arm. I imagined putting her into gymnastics or dance, but I think I'm leaning towards softball. You guys, I'm not even exaggerating when I tell you this kid can chunk a ball across the room. 

Anabelle loves to dance and is quick to rock her hips to any up beat. She often asks me to dance, and we have mini jam sessions in the kitchen and the playroom. It's the best!

She's started to master mimicking what mommy and daddy do. She repeats the words we say and it's so incredible to watch her connect the dots in her head. She's learned so many new words lately, it's hard to keep up. Lately she's been saying: hello, boo!, bubbles, no more, puzzle, book, tree, juice and store. 

She's also a tough cookie! Whenever she gets hurt or falls, she whines for a brief second, runs to me for a boo-boo kiss and goes about her merry way.

We started using the, "you have five more minutes..." phrase and she's started putting her hand up when she wants five more minutes. It's pretty hilarious now, but I'm sure it will bite me in the butt later on.

I'm so excited to bake a few things together for Thanksgiving. She's been wearing the tutu I bought her all week pretty thrilled about it. She twirled around, giggling and laughing, and it kinda hit me. I have a daughter :)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Rambles

Classic Apple Pie | Bubbles and Gold

1. I made this apple pie yesterday for my office Thanksgiving. It only took me four hours to make. Oh my goodness. It's always been on my bucket list, but gosh. How did those generations before us do it? 

2. I'm making another one for my family's Thanksgiving. With a toddler in between my legs begging to "hewp" mommy. Clearly, I've gone off the deep end.

3. I can't even believe Thanksgiving is a couple of days away. I just typed out a few weeks away.  I'm delusional and need more coffee than the two and a half cups already consumed this morning. 

4. I'm obsessed with Vanderpump Rules. Anyone else like these trashy faux celebs whose lives are a train wreck? I can't stop myself from watching and my husband groans every time I put it on. I've rationalized watching this show because Jerseylicious is no longer on television. My TV time is sparse, and I choose my choice! (Sex and the City, forevers and evers.)

5. This video is my life. I seriously could not stop laughing. 

6. I ran across this article and I can totally relate.  Although I love crafting, I can drown in Pinterest way too long looking at all the amazing things other mothers are creating. "Make sure your child's life is fun and meaningful, instead of pretty and picturesque" really rings true.  

7. Has anyone seen Dan the news anchor dancing. Not gonna lie, I've watched this video ten plus times. It is hilarious. And I've shared it with everyone I know. Your're welcome. 

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