Simple Toddler Trail Mix

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Simple Toddler Trail Mix | bubbles and gold

I'm always looking for a creative and fun snack to feed my hangry toddler. Easy and to the point. I can't even begin to explain why Anabelle has a severe dislike for any and all foods that are mixed together, or even worse, touching each other. The horror!

So what other natural thing should a mother do but force a mix of delicious goodness together so she can get over her little OCD escapade she's been on for the past four months? A simple toddler trail mix of course. And what do you know, as soon as she saw it on the kitchen counter in all it's mason jar glory, she pointed and said, "me?!" Oh yes, just for you. I served her a bowl, she laughed in delight and it was a mom win for sure.

2/3 cups of raisins
1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips
2/3 cups of marshmallows
1/3 cup of pistachios (or any toddler-friendly nut)
2/3 cups of Cheerios
2/3 cups of dried banana chips 

Simple Toddler Trail Mix recipe | bubbles and gold

Before mixing, enjoy it in all it's non-conglomerated glory. 

Store in an air tight container. 

Simple Toddler Trail Mix | bubbles and gold


our weekend

Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh hey! I've stepped off the social media radar for a week (or so?) to work on a few tricks up my sleeve. Don't you just wish time could stop for a minute so we can catch up? I certainly do.

The weekend weather was so beautiful! We finally got a chance to hang outside, in short sleeve shirts and sunglasses, no less. After a rainy and gloomy week, it was pretty incredible. 

Anabelle got a Schwinn bike for her birthday and she's been riding circles around the kitchen for the past week. Cool kid. 

Weekly Target run, top knots and messy tees. Real life, folks. 

Training this new puppy is hard work. Anabelle is the best big sister showing her the ropes and easing her fears of new sounds, smells and people. My heart swelled after watching these two walk around the block together. She wanted to grab the leash from me, but I kept seeing Lacey drag her face down on the sidewalk and a trip to the ER in my mind. So instead, she led the way! They both started to slow down 3/4 of the way home. Toddler + puppy walking is tiring, let me tell you.

Anabelle has been begging me to make pancakes for several days, usually after breakfast is already ready and we're running low on time. Mommy compromised, and we made pancakes for lunch. I think it was a win.

Anabelle had her first pinata experience this weekend! She was a little freaked out by the whole concept at first, but once the candy started flowing, she got over it. All the bigger kids shared way too much candy with her. She obviously didn't think so. 

Enter sugar delirium. Hey, you're only a toddler once!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your weekend was incredible.

Two Year Old Birthday Girl

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's official. I have a two year old child. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. Time flies is a cruel understatement. 

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

I wanted to surprise her as soon as she woke up in the morning to make her feel extra special. I splattered some gold and black paint on a few balloons and placed them throughout her playroom. As soon as she saw them, she was like "bawoo!"

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

Of course, she immediately saw her present waiting for her and couldn't wait to open it. I bought her a couple of books, including Where The Wild Things Are (aka the best book ever!) and a tutu she can play around in. I'll surprise her at her birthday party this weekend with a little something I've been working on.  She can't stop talking about her birthday "par-y." I've been gearing her up all month for it. She can actually comprehend and get excited about a birthday party this year, and I can't wait to see her face.

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

Funfetti Birthday Pancakes | Bubbles and Gold

We are in full two year old mode, let me tell you. I usually wake up about 5 am and get a few things done before I get a workout in. Yesterday, while waiting for my coffee and rice cake to digest I whipped up a batch of funfetti birthday pancakes to surprise Anabelle when she woke up. When I lit the candles and tried to sing happy birthday, she bucked away from the fire and screamed, "no!" Rude. The pancakes were awesome though. She ate them all and I ate the rest. She's a feign for anything covered in maple syrup. 

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

After nap time, I took her to get some birthday cake ice cream. She had a choice between ice cream or the playground and she chose the former. A girl after my own heart :) I'm also pretty sure she didn't want to spend anymore time outside in this freezing weather. Freezing our insides is way better anyway. 

Anabelle's 2nd Birthday | Bubbles and Gold

Post ice cream coma, we went to the store and I told her to pick out one birthday gift for herself. Bad idea. I was tortured for nearly half an hour trying to convince her to make a decision. She eventually chose a 45 piece Elmo puzzle that I'm sure is going to take some work to put together. I was never the best at puzzles and I certainly can't rely on her nimble fingers. Yet. 

At two years old, Anabelle is sweet, kindhearted with a gentle, sympathetic spirit. She is always smiling and laughing with every chance she gets. This kid absolutely adores affection and requests "mo" hugs and kisses until I suffocate her in love. Her manners are on point too. She's always saying, "dank ou" (thank you) and repeating it until she hears a "you're welcome" in response. Let's see how long she can keep this politeness going.

Cheers to two, my delightful girl! Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy.

Life Via The Camera Roll

Monday, February 9, 2015

I cleaned up my office area during an organizational fung shui move and put my DSLR inside a shelf drawer out of reach from grabby toddler hands. In a punishment move from fate, I keep forgetting to bring it with me. Or even take it out of the drawer. So, here are a few snapshots from our weekend, courtesy of the camera roll.

life via the camera roll |

Waiting for breakfast inside her baby's stroller. The baby rolls safely on the visor. Hah!

life via the camera roll |

Being 4'11 has it's advantages, like hanging with my best girl in her wagon on the way home from the park.  

life via the camera roll |

She doesn't want to swing in the toddler swing, so I have to jump on with her. Sans makeup and sweatpants. It was a lazy Saturday :)

life via the camera roll |

life via the camera roll |

Post lunch (which she barely ate any of) she played in the sandbox while I hovered like the helicopter mom I am. I keep telling her, "I'm always watching you!" Always. Like a creeper.

life via the camera roll |

We're making progress with these two. My tomcat is still trying to boss everyone around, and doesn't want anyone to forget he's the "man" of the house. Even with three other animals and a toddler fighting for attention. 

life via the camera roll |

As soon as she woke up this morning, she yelled, "Elmo!" And brought the vday cards her grandparents bought her from her bed. She slept with them last night, because, you never know when you'll need to hand them out to your friends.

Happy Monday!

DIY Valentine's Day Felt Tote

Sunday, February 1, 2015

I've been pumping Anabelle up for the past few weeks about giving and receiving "presents" on Valentine's Day. She's so excited. I mean, who wouldn't want presents usually in the form of candy? I wouldn't mind either.

Since I can't figure out what to gift toddlers for Valentine's, I figured I would start with step one. The bag. She needs a bag to hold the outrageous amount of sugar deliciousness and heart punny that will come her way.  

DIY Valentine's Day Felt Tote |

I saw something similar while we were browsing the Target dollar aisle and thought, "I can totally make that." Since Anabelle was super psyched to spend the entire day running errands with me and going to the storwe, we grabbed the supplies from the craft store for less that $4. Cheap crafts around these parts, folks. I don't discriminate. 

Speaking of storwes, she had a meltdown after I broke the news that we had finished all the errands we had to. She was completely heartbroken. You would have thought I told her she could never have another bite of ice cream ever again. That would be heartbreak city. Not finishing your errands for the day. She was like, "Nooooooooooo! Mo' storwes." Homegirl can spend hours browsing like her mama. And she's only 23 months. I can't even imagine what the years ahead will bring. Oh my. 

The whole tote project, as we'll call it, took about an hour because I couldn't decided if I wanted her bag to look like a bag or a tote. The tote idea won. 


- stiff red felt 
- stiff white felt 
- white thread
- adhesive glue

DIY Felt Valentine's Day Bag supplies | www.bubblesandgold.comInstructions 
1. Cut into the red felt into two pieces measuring 5x9 (this is the front & back), two pieces meausuring 2x9 (side), one piece measuring 1 1/2x9 (handle) and one piece measuring 2x5 (bottom). 
2. Cut out the white felt into a heart shape.
3. Sew the back piece to the two side pieces, starting with the right side down to the bottom and around to the left side. 
4. Sew the front piece on to the side pieces. 
5. Sew the handle to the side pieces. 
6. Glue the white heart to the front of the tote using permanent adhesive glue. 

DIY Valentine's Day Felt Tote supplies |

I haven't shown it to Anabelle yet, since I'm going to wait until Valentine's. I have a few other crafts I'm working on to give her throughout the month of February. I can't wait to share with you all!

Happy February! And go, Cowboys ;)

Heart Day Favs

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I was reminiscing about last year's Valentine's Day and crying a little at the thought of my sweet boo-boo bear turning TWO YEARS OLD. How did that even happen? I remember last year getting ready for Anabelle's first birthday. I Pinterested my heart out for months. That is serious dedication. 

Anabelle is really getting so big though. I mean look at her.

I'm more of a tomboy at heart, so raising this kiddo who is growing into a little girl is pretty damn awesome. I'm putting bows on her hair, letting her wear pink and sticking her in a dress every time the mood strikes me. And I love all of it. Her hair is finally gaining some length, and she likes the way bows look on her. Now, keeping them on? That's a different story.

Last year I made her heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and she giggled so hard! I was like, oh yeah, score for mommy. I wish I could look back on photos from February, but our puppy chewed the cord to the laptop and every single picture that is precious to me is on there. I really need to get a new power cord. And a back-up system.

Anyway, while diving face first in crafty V-Day gifts, I ran across a few sweet red-is-my-favorite color items that I wanted to share!  

Valentine's Day Favorites |

PJs // DIY Knit Cards // Book // Candle // Tee // Dress

February will be here in a couple of days, so it's time to start planning that outfit! 

Low Key Weekend

Monday, January 26, 2015

toddler knotted headband |

toddler knotted headband |

toddler knotted headband |

toddler knotted headband |

The weekend is over, but we had such an amazing low-key weekend. And the weather was BEAUTIFUL. I loved every minute of it! On Saturday, we went to an indoor playground and ran into some old friends. I love seeing people I haven't seen in a while. It's kind of a wake-up call and reminder of how quickly life is passing by. 

Anabelle is infamous for taking about 5-10 minutes to warm up to any new place, so we spent the first few minutes walking around the playground until she decided to brave it up and play with the other kids. I love watching her interact with other children when she doesn't think I'm watching. She is certainly not a kid to push around. There is no hesitation in her voice when someone is getting a little too close to her bubble. And since she is talking about a storm, she's got plenty to say. I could never imagine how well she could communicate at 23 months. It's crazy!

I wish I could have captured a few photos at the playground, but she's always on the go, and it's nearly impossible not to get a blurry shot of her. At least I have memories. Memories of shoving myself in the "3 and under" bounce house to save her from the slide that she was afraid to go down. Memories of her sweet, relieved face when she saw mommy to the rescue! We bounced like there was no tomorrow. She reminds me to slow down to enjoy all the little things.

After the playground, we ran into another friend at our favorite joint and ate copious amounts of chips and queso. With margaritas. Oh yes. Margaritas for life. This kid loves Mexican food. Thank gosh, because I could seriously eat it every single day.

The best part? Anabelle is finally letting me put bows and headbands on her head! So I made her a knotted headband and she loved it. I even made a matching one for myself so we can be twinsies :)

Happy Monday!
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